Kids Fashion:
an adult market

The retail fashion market is dynamic and compelling, selling billions of Reais per year. In this extremely promising environment, the kids segment stands out, which is gaining thousands of fans and boosting the economy of the sector.

Globalization and the easy access to information have created a consumer eager for news and trends, which has clothing as a translation of style and behavior. A universe with multiple communication platforms, in which today's children have been born, growing-up tuned into technology, innovation, fashion and entertainment.

Cia. hering

Cia. Hering is a successful case of fashion. Few companies in the segment in the world can take pride in saying that that they have been in constant innovation and evolution for over 130 years. The Hering brand, which was created in 1880, is a benchmark in retailing, and the headquarters of the largest franchise network of the segment in Brazil. Adding to the Cia portfolio is Dzarm, targeted at young children, and the PUC children's brands, consolidated in the market and undergoing an expansion phase and Hering Kids, which mirrors the success of the Hering operation.


Hering Kids shows a happy, dandy, creative and energetic child. The collections feature pieces that invest in comfort and trend, following the line form the adult market. It´s universe is colorful and fun.

Fashion to play, be a child and have style. Hering Kids is casual and democratic, attracting a plural group of fans and consumers.

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